Act on specified commercial transactions







説明に "New" の記載がない場合は、古い商品です。また、 "New old stock" と記載されている場合は、未使用の古い商品です。それらの商品は、現在生産されておりません。


お支払いはSquareを通じ、各種クレジットカード(Visa, Master Card , AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club, DISCOVER, JCB)をご利用になれます。Paypalもご利用になれます。Paypalは安全性に特化した無料の決済サービスです。また、Paypalを通し各種クレジットカードでのお支払いもご利用になれます。Paypalではショッピングプロテクション(買い手の安全保障)により、カード決済だけではカバー出来ない返金保証がご利用になれます。Paypalについて詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。





日本国外に於きましては、配送料 配送地域、重量に応じた実費を申し受けます。ご注文後3日以内に商品を発送、お届けまで約2週間〜4週間ほどお時間を頂戴いたします。



  1. ご注文と異なる商品を受け取られた場合。

  2. 輸送途中に於いて商品が破損した場合。


  1. ご注文と異なる商品を受け取られた場合。

  2. 輸送途中に於いて商品が破損した場合。

  3. ご注文後1ヶ月を経て商品が届かなかった場合。





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[Act on Specified Commercial Transactions​]


Items were listed in Japanese YEN.


It is tax free outside Japan.


[Product condition]

Items are vintage or antique products unless stated "New" in the descriptions. For marked "New old stock", they are products that were manufactured long ago but have never been used. They will not be produced anymore.


We happily accept Visa, Master, AMERICAN EXPRESS by Paypal or Square.

The ordering procedures will be complete only after your payment.

Please note that if you want to use a credit card payment, you will need to go through the PayPal.


Your order will be shipped within 3 days. All Items will be shipped with Japan Post. Please contact us if you need to hurry. If extra charge has been added, it will be delivered faster. Please see below for a rough reference of shipping charges. EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE (EMS)

Shipping Cost >> To determine shipping costs, please add the items you’d like to buy to your cart, and select your country. If there are no shipping charges for your country, please contact us.

Overseas Shipping>> Overseas orders take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Examination of a customhouse is performed when the total amount exceeds ¥200,000. For the reason, arrival of goods is delayed. Please see below for a rough reference of shipping charges. JP POST INTERNATIONAL MAIL / GOODS SERVICE

* Please note that orders shipped outside of Japan may be subject to customs duties and fees levied by the destination country.


[Returning or Refund]

In the cases of ~

1. A wrong item is sent to you.

2. You did not receive your item after 2 months of purchase.

3. Your item is seriously demaged during shipping.


In case of 1, 2, I will refund it after returning.

No refund is available due to other circumstances.

Thank you so much! Enjoy shopping! :)